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Step Forward

With over 1.7 million underprivileged children in Texas, the bar to exceed is far above what we can achieve alone. But together, we can undertake and accomplish so much more. If you would like to benefit the less fortunate children of Texas, please sign up to enlist at our events. 

Texas is ranked 4th in poverty rate in the nation with 1.7 million children. 

17.5% child poverty has been identified, consisting of over 1 billion impoverished children.

1 in 5 kids in Texas alone, face struggles at a very young age.

19% of children in Texas are ranked with families below the poverty line.

Provide disadvantaged children without access to items we take for granted. Bring a toy or a book to the event you signed up for and nourish hope in those in need.

Why are toys the answer?

Conflicts within a family can be settled and put away over a quick game of cards or maybe over a bonding puzzle. Toys give kids a chance to enjoy their present and learn for the future; they are a form of therapy.


Learn how you can help further


No matter your age or whether or not you can give, consider contributing your time to helping us set up fundraising events successfully.


Sign up to place our donation boxes in front of your homes, stores, or businesses – involving your community in collecting donations!


Whether you choose to support us by donating online or dropping off your toys and books, know that 100% of your generosity funds those in need.

Invite your friends and family

Marketing is a huge factor when hosting an event. If you are unable to donate or volunteer, we encourage you to post our flyer on social media and invite others to a fundraiser for the support!


Become an Officer

Begin by volunteering at our fundraisers to potentially become an officer at our organization. We'd love to have you!


Take a look a our past events

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