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In a room that would otherwise be dark during the break of dawn, lights twinkle, shining their various colors upon nearby reflective objects; objects that themselves twinkle and revolve, reflecting the light. Long strands of golden string twirl and journey across the room, contributing to the scene, that is, the freshly scented tree situated in the corner of the room.

It’s so charming that one could almost hear the beauty.

To the newly awoken child, however, the tree is utterly overshadowed by that underneath it; a pile of presents, illuminated by the lights of the tree and exiting the child before it, almost taunting the boy, whispering “open us”. With the enthusiasm of a large bull and the speed of an eagle, the child bolts upstairs, waking up his parents that are seemingly oblivious to the newly discovered stash of treasure.

In a world of dreariness, Christmas is a time when troubles seem to be forgotten, sadness seems to flee.

The joy of new toys and reunited families fills the air, and yet, despite the apparent “spirit of giving”, many children are left without a gift and a family to celebrate with, leaving their hearts empty and longing for a symbol of joy.

Fortunately, through the help of our wonderful community, volunteers, and donators at our gift-wrapping event, we at Toys For Texans were able to provide for 362 families this Christmas.


After a year of hard work and perseverance, we finally arrived: our gift-wrapping event.

As such, it was important to make sure that everything was in place. Only after many volunteers confirmed that they would be able to drive long hours to distribute donations and to spend their weekend organizing and wrapping toys were we confident in the success of the event.

It’s truly remarkable the amount of help and support we received from our volunteers.

In fact, one of the greatest donations that we receive is the time and effort contributed by the people who share our cause.


As it turns out, their efforts were not in vain. We received large amounts of gratitude from the managers of the orphanages, shelters, and individuals to whom we donated, assuring us that every toy would make a huge difference.

More than that, however, is the joy brought to every lonely child who received a toy. And more than a toy, the fond memories that are recalled; the excitement that is remembered; yes, even after all these years, many of us remember the joy and excitement when receiving a toy on Christmas, a joy that is distinctly reminiscent of childhood.

And before these children grow older and lose their young vigor, let's strive to provide them with warm memories that stay with them for the rest of their lives.

By donating to Toys For Texans, you help us provide memories that last a lifetime.



One of the greatest donations that we receive is the time and effort contributed by the people who share our cause. Thank you.

by Joshua Vigel

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