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Brand Partners


The majority of underprivileged children in Texas live in rural communities. That is where we have focused our efforts from the beginning. Working with local organizations, a few of them being student-led as well – is our method of changing lives. 


Our Approach

At Toys for Texans, we take pride in our efficiency. Our number one goal is to make sure the money and items you donate have an impact in the least amount of time possible. 




We rely heavily on partnerships. Whether it's permission for a lemonade stand at a soccer game or a community donation drive at your store, we are consistently dependent on recurrent fundraisers. 


Toys for Texans cannot describe how much we appreciate collecting donations. From gathering gently used toys to receiving an online payment, every single aspect factors into our success. 


We reach out to hospitals, homeless shelters, and clinics far before we start planning fundraisers. Once we have been provided with the demographic of children these shelters house, we are dealt with the fun task of distributing toys!

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Work with us

Partnering with other businesses not only allows us to expand but also learn. We are all in this together, and implementing knowledge from others gets us one step forward. Working with small businesses, restaurants, companies, schools, and nearby cities, we've been able to make an even larger impact and inspire more young leaders to take initiative. 


Host a toy and book drive at your business! Our team provides all marketing materials and donation boxes.


Provide discounts to customers who donate a toy or book! Donation box provided.


Allow customers to round their total up to the nearest dollar and then donate that money to our cause.


Allow our team to set up a stand at your event! We'll provide activities for attendees with some info on our cause!


Allow customers to purchase items directly from your store to donate. All materials including the donation box will be provided.


Have an idea of your own? We love working with businesses to accommodate their exact needs. Let us know!


Our Benefits

Unlock access to our perks once becoming a partner. We see your business as a teammate, pushing ourselves to benefit both parties the best as we can. 

What exclusivity do our partners recieve?

We offer a variety of benefits to our partners. See below for our general items:

1. Social media post

2. Website page feature

3. Annual newsletter feature

4. Email marketing database

What is our relationship with local partners?

Problem-solving through tough demographics, coordinating donation pick-ups, speaking with owners, and much more – we strive to ensure positive connections with all partners, corporate to local.

Is Toys for Texans open to your ideas?

We love working with brands on a personal level, if you have ideas on how we can further benefit your business just let us know! From increasing sales, requiring additional staff, or further involving your community, we take it as a challenge to use our nonprofit mindset in a business setting. 


How can your organization become our partner?

Fill out our short form and our team will be in touch. For questions, email us at

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