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Our Work

We've faced the child poverty issue in the state of Texas since 2021, and with generous supporters like you, we're getting closer each day to putting an end to it. 

Children will be served


Lives changed 


Total raised


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Our libraries aren't the small local units you may be thinking of – in fact, each of our boxes is hand-built by our high school volunteers – capable of storing over 200 books at their maximum capacity.

Learn how our toy and book distribution works – from collecting, partnering, to finally donating items to areas in need. 

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Past donations and events

Collecting over $50,000 in toy and book donations leading to Christmas, nearly 400 people benefitted from our support through help of:

  1. Department of Family and Protective Services

  2. Elevate North Texas

  3. Justice Forward

  4. The Settlement Home for Children

  5. Vogel Alcove

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Hundreds of toys were donated to the Children's Hospital located in Plano, Texas in just the early months of our founding. 


Another large donation to the Agape Healthcare Home, consisting of board games, coloring books, and puzzles. 

Halloween Haunted House Event

A heart-pumping fundraiser spanning across 3 October nights, attendees being welcomed through our experience with a small toy or book donation. 

Over 380 total visitors came out to show support!

Sponsor our event this Halloween and help us make an even larger impact. 

Who we are

Completely student-led, learn about our directors and teens in charge. 

Our transperancy

We take pride in what we have accomplished. This is why we have been transparent about our financials from the start. 

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Ready to increase the numbers?

Only you can help us. 

It's only up from here. We've made it a mission to provide sustainable impact for as long as this organization withstands, but it's not possible without your help.

Happy children. Relieved parents. Generous supporters. We hope you'll join us.

Willing to provide more value than a donation? Give us your time 

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