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Leading the Team


CEO | Cofounder

Piyush Chintalwar 

Responsible for directing and delegating tasks, administrating the organization's management structure, composing lasting strategies, managing day-to-day assignments, along with communicating with the board, Piyush brings a vision and aims to create a welcoming culture at Toys for Texans. 


When he visited New York City in 2016 and witnessed the incredible amount of impoverished families roaming the streets daily, Piyush knew he had found his forthcoming passion. 

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Marc D'jamoos

As Secretary, Marc creates meeting outlines, organizes monthly reports, arranges appointments, and prioritizes workloads for the best end result. 


His dream as a child was always to bring more joy to the world and to restore the goodwill of people. Now his position allows him to do just that. 


President | Cofounder

Carson Sheffield

Carson's financial expertise, unique perspective, and great leadership abilities allow him to easily run the Toys for Texans board. Managing budgets, and legal affairs, and establishing long-term goals, Carson contributes heavily to Toys for Texans. 


“I feel that everyone in a position to help should do so. With a strong and smart team, anyone can achieve the unthinkable.” 



Samir Alam

Samir works on developing donor and business relationships, maintaining partnerships, and providing organizations with extensive backgrounds to which Toys for Texans can donate. 

Samir seeks to bring people of different experiences together through charitable giving. 



Mitul Gouni

Mitul assists in a variety of tasks from basic management to bringing sophisticated ideas to the team. 


Mitul himself is a rising entrepreneur and social worker, founding his own nonprofit, Lightbulb Tutoring, at only 14 years old. 

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