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Many adults dream of a time when they had no responsibilities.

No job, no people to take care of, no major consequences for their actions, no crippling anxiety, no demanding stress.

A time of innocence, providence, and joy; moments of happiness, love, and most of all, youth. Dreaming about their childhood, when life was simple, a childhood many children never experience. 

1.8 million children in Texas alone are forced to live in poverty and struggle, lacking the various amenities that make a fun and fulfilling childhood, not the least of which is toys. 

Toys help with motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and mental health.

A study done by Dag, Nevin Cetin et al. [1]:

“The concepts of games and toys have a very important role in children’s lives. It contributes to the development of cognitive, motor, psychosocial, emotional, and linguistic skills. It also plays a key role in raising self-confident, creative, and happy children”.

Toys not only decrease the rates of depression and help with sleep, but also improve the cognitive abilities of children. 

Another study by Le Toy Van [2] shows:

“The use of … toys also prompt greater creative thinking and free play where children use toys and other additional props to create imaginative scenes”, and “… toys provide the ideal tools for interactive play between parents and care providers”.

Toys are an essential part in the growth of children.  

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Toys make for a more content and joyful childhood, and yet so many people still lack this basic need.

It’s not uncommon to see a child crying because their mother refuses to buy them a toy at the store, but it is these people who are fortunate enough to be part of a privileged demographic in which it is possible to even contemplate the thought of having more than a single toy and in which entertainment and fun is taken for granted; one in which toys are seen as everyday objects.

You help us enrich these children’s memories;

you help us add color to their black and white lives;

you help us bring a smile to one more child.

You help us not only raise awareness of this issue plaguing our generation but also end it once and for all.  

Help us make a difference.



It is a well-established fact that toys make for a more content and joyful childhood, and yet so many people still lack this basic need. 

by Joshua Vigel

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