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Raising thousands of toys with nearly four hundred visitors, take a look at our 2022 Haunted House fundraiser.​

by Joshua Vigel

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself” – Franklin D Roosevelt 

Evidently, fear is a common part of our lives. Whether irrational or justified, for pleasure or by accident, we all face fears each day.

It’s not something that we look forward to, nor is it something we enjoy. Yet, we find that fear – and the subsequent emotions it invokes – are celebrated!

Every year on October 31st, children dress up in scary costumes and visit houses with fearful decorations, laughing and having a fun time with friends all the way. Despite the apparent paradox, the celebration of Halloween informs of one important lesson; that fear is nothing but a medium for happiness.


Toys for Texans raised over $5000 in donations and changed the lives of many during a haunted house fundraiser held during the days before and during Halloween. This was not without substantial help from our community – the 500 people who attended, donated toys, books, and money, indulging themselves in a night of fun and festivity.

Because of the collective effort of our organization and our community, we truly can impart joy and happiness to those who have not received it yet.

Yes, even amidst pain and suffering, joy can still be derived.

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