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Boys with toys

Why Toys? 

For struggling children, a single toy can change everything. 

19%  of children

1 in 5 kids

1.7 million

17.5% global

in Texas are ranked with families below the poverty line

in Texas alone, face struggles at a very young age

child poverty has been identified, consisting of over 1 billion impoverished children

underprivileged children can be found in Texas today. Only you can help us change that 


Access to toys allows for imagination, happiness, and mental welfare. Conflicts within a family can be settled and put away over a quick game of cards or maybe over a bonding puzzle. Toys give kids a chance to enjoy their present and learn for the future; they are a form of therapy.


For students like Piyush and Carson, restoring comfort and wonder in kids their age has meant the world. To find humor and pride in the lowest scenarios. To always find hope. 


Today, they both are on a mission to create a lasting impact on their community for years to come. 


Scott Harrison once said, “Don’t give back, give because you are able to give; give because it is a joy to give.”


How does having access to toys affect children's personal lives?

Through playing with toys, children develop their motor and cognitive skills, helping them to overcome all of life's obstacles. From an early age, toys help in the education of children; they learn to walk, talk, socialize, acquire knowledge, grow emotionally, and develop social and spatial awareness.

Give because you are able to give

Why is it important for children to have toys at a young age?

Educational toys can help develop problem-solving skills and teach about conflict resolution and how cause and effect work. It also teaches children about sharing, helps develop their fine and gross motor skills, and nurtures their creativity and imagination.

Why is having a toy important for children living in impoverished communities? 

Access to toys increases independence, creativity, and curiosity while exploring problem-solving, feelings, and social interactions. Toys provide them a chance to become what they dream to be. 


With big dreams come even bigger goals, and as we all know, everything is bigger in Texas. 

Stay in touch with us to learn more about our incredible young leaders and watch this organization exceed expectations and change the state we live in. 


Toys change everything. 

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