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In just its first month of operation, Toys for Texans accumulated over 500 toys and books for the Samaritan Inn. 


In just their first month of operation Toys for Texans accumulated over $5,000. Toys for Texans then later used the initial $5,000 raised to collect and distribute toys and essentials for less fortunate children at The Samaritan Inn. It was part of their "Christmas Season" in December 2021, if it wasn't for Toys for Texan's strides of effort these children would not have the traditional experience of Christmas, it shines a sign of hope in the community. While hoping to bring the community together, Toys for Texans, on a cold December night about 2 weeks before Christmas raised ~$1,200 in just a matter of hours. Their Christmas Donation Drive took place in one of their very own director's front yards where they offered warm cookies and hot chocolate to their neighbors. With just a table, some cookies, hot chocolate, and participation Toys for Texans were able to bring their community closer, raise more than $1,000 for the charity and collect tons of toys and essential items to go towards the less fortunate people in our community. 


Toys for Texan's largest event took place in a high school cafeteria. It was in late January at the Allen High School cafeteria, the home to the founders of Toys for Texans. Inside the cafe was decorated with a variety of inflatable games such as basketball, wrestling, bouncy houses, obstacle course, and even cornhole. The event attracted many people from students at the high school to kids who went to elementary school, it truly brought the Allen community together. Since the event spanned through the entire day Toys for Texans invited a local food truck to fill their visitor's stomachs. All proceeds from the "Carnival in the Cafeteria" event including items and cash which were used to purchase essentials, and donate to The Samaritan Inn. This event played a big role in Toys for Texan's future as it played out a foundation for new events but more importantly the many lives it changed.


Not only did Toys for Texans change the lives of the people within The Samaritan Inn but the people who enjoyed themselves at the event, and it shows what the volunteers can do to help their community. Toys for Texans plan to keep the Allen Easter Event an annual delight, with over 2,000 guests this year Toys for Texans brought in tons of toys and item donations to distribute back into the community of the less fortunate to help improve the lives of the impoverished of North Texas.


In early May 2022 Toys for Texans donated the sum of ~$1,000 of toys to the Plano Children's Health Reach Clinic including toy cars, dinosaur figurines, coloring books along with other toys. The donated toys enlightened the residents at the Plano Children's Health Reach Clinic.


In late May 2022 After Toys for Texans found out about the blood crisis due to covid, they decided they wanted to do something about it so Toys for Texans partnered with the American Red Cross and collected ~45 pints of blood.


Toys for Texans collected ~$1,500 in toys through their Donation Pick-Up Drive where volunteers drove through neighborhoods to collect toys. Then they organized and prepared the toys for their 2022 Christmas Gift Wrapping Event later this year. Toys for Texans is all about bringing the community back to give back to the less fortunate in Texas.

Toys for Texans estimates that they have impacted 900+ lives in North Texas but they won't stop there. Toys for Texans plan to change the 1.7 million lives of the impoverished in all of Texas and so far they've raised over $15,000.



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